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Keep Fitness Equipment Clean

Up-to-date equipment and programming will get members through the doors of your fitness facility, but if you want them to keep coming back, you need to ensure a clean and healthy environment. One of the most important steps is keeping fitness equipment clean, and the best way to do that is to encourage members to wipe it down when their workouts are done. This helps prevent the spread of disease and keeps equipment working properly.

Q: What can we do to encourage members to clean up equipment when they've finished using it?

A: Provide cleaning supplies close by so members can easily find and use them. Choose cleaning products carefully. Sprays and hand-sanitizing wipes often contain alcohol, which can corrode or dry out rubber, vinyl, leather and stitching. What's more, sprays can end up where you don't want them, potentially causing damage that might lead to malfunction.

Wipes that are designed for use on fitness equipment and approved by manufacturers are the best bet for keeping patrons healthy and equipment functioning properly. Look for wipes that are specifically designed to be used on the parts of equipment that need cleaning most, including seat pads, leg and arm rests, benches, hand grips, chrome plating, painted surfaces, as well as steel and rubber surfaces. Be sure the product you select is also safe to use on electronic panels.

Q: We want to be sure that the cleaning supplies we provide for members are not only keeping equipment clean, but also killing germs and preventing disease from spreading. What should we know?

A: You can find pre-moistened, disposable surface disinfecting wipes that are specially designed to clean equipment, while also stopping germs from spreading. Wipes can protect patrons from such infectious diseases as MRSA, HIV, TB, Staph, H1N1 and many more.

Be sure to place the wipes in highly visible locations and educate your patrons to ensure they know how important it is to keep things clean to stop germs and protect everyone's health.


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