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Create a Stand-Out Dog Park

Dog parks have been popping up in cities large and small across the country, but for the most part, they tend to be simple affairs—a fenced-in area with a few picnic tables and some waste receptacles. You can impress residents and get your dog park to stand out by offering something beyond the run-of-the-mill dog run.

Q: We're building a dog park in our community, and aren't sure about what basic amenities to include. What should we consider?

A: Beyond just fencing in your dog park so free-roaming pups can't escape, you'll want to provide patrons with a few amenities. Residents will enjoy having a place to sit, either a bench or a picnic table, while their pooches are at play. In addition, you might want to consider a message center. It's a good place to post the rules, and local groups can post information on obedience classes and more. Receptacles and pet waste stations are always a good idea in these locations as well.

You might consider purchasing site furnishings that have a dog theme, such as bone-shaped benches.

Q: We'd like to go above and beyond and create a dog park that's unique. Are there site furnishings or dog park furnishings we can add that will transform our dog park into more of a destination?

A: You can really go beyond the basics by providing play products that help owners and their dogs get more active.

Agility equipment is popular with dog owners involved in agility training programs. However, you can find dog park products that are designed to be used by dogs of all sizes and confidence levels, which will help everyone feel included.

Look for equipment that has been developed with the input of experts on canine health and behavior.

Materials are also an important consideration. Recycled plastic is low maintenance, while having a long lifecycle, and being an eco-friendly solution. Rubber surfacing is also a good idea on large platforms to help dogs keep their footing and avoid slipping.


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