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Create a Destination in Your Park

Parks are among the places that are most integral to the community, providing a place for people to gather and celebrate, or simply to relax. Some of the most effective and beautiful parks feature beautiful amphitheaters and shelters, turning these locations into destinations for people in the community and beyond.

Q: We want to add something unique to our beautiful park to make it more of a destination. What should we consider?

A: To create a truly unique destination, consider park amphitheaters and unique shelters that will stand out. These eye-catching and functional amenities will provide a beautiful focal point for your site, but that's not all. If you install an amphitheater, your park will become a destination for events such as concerts in the park, community theater performances and more.

Q: We want to add beautiful shelters and an amphitheater to our park, but we want to be sure it fits in well with our site. How can we be sure our new features will fit?

A: A wide array of choices are available to help find the shelter or amphitheater that best suits your needs and your site.

You can choose a structure inspired by designs in a catalog, modify a current design with different columns, colors, roof types and laser-cut ornamentation, or create a truly unique structure that starts from your own ideas or sketch.

Don't forget the importance of a cohesive look. You should consider adding multiple site features in addition to your new shelter or amphitheaters. Talk to your manufacturer about coordinating structures such as trellises, kiosks and more.

Q: We want to use our new park shelters and amphitheater to raise revenues. How can we do this?

A: You can get a great return on your investment by finding revenue-generation strategies for your new shelters and amphitheater. For example, an amphitheater is a performance venue, and you can sell tickets for attendance. Or consider renting out pavilions for party and reception areas. Smaller shelters can be rented for picnics. With these strategies, you'll be bringing in crowds all season long, but you'll also be earning back your investment.


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