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Provide Year-Round Sports

Sports programming is tremendously popular in communities across the country, but for outdoor sports like soccer and football, the fun ends when the season does. Luckily, you can find a building solution to house your sports programs, giving you the chance to extend the season—and revenue-building opportunities—year-round.

Q: We'd like to build a new facility to house or sports programs, but are concerned about the budget and time constraints. What should we consider??

A: Pre-engineered steel systems feature a lower cost than typical construction, but still provide an aesthetically pleasing facility. Steel systems can help you save up to 30 percent of your construction cost, depending on the type of building you choose.

What's more, with computer-assisted design and standardization, your planning and construction time will be shortened. You'll be able to construct your facility in up to a third less time than other construction methods.

Q: We are also concerned about the costs of running an indoor facility. Energy costs can be quite expensive. How can we build a home for our sports programs that will be more efficient?

A: Pre-engineered steel systems can provide a variety of ways to decrease energy costs. Insulated roof and wall systems mean HVAC costs will be significantly lower. Using cool roof colors can help keep your facility cooler in the heat of summer.

You also might consider natural lighting options. Skylights and translucent wall panels lower the cost of electricity by limiting the number of lights you need. In addition, natural light is highly beneficial to patrons, and provides a more pleasant aesthetic than artificial lighting.

Q: We have a green mission in our organization, and we want to be sure our facility is eco-friendly. What should we know?

A: Steel building systems can contribute toward LEED certification, but even if you don't want to have your structure certified, this type of building can help you reach your eco-friendly goals.

In addition to energy efficiency, steel buildings help safeguard water, conserve materials and resources and can provide excellent indoor air quality—all important considerations.


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