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Provide a Pleasant Locker Room Experience

Your locker rooms might not be the first thing you think of when you look to present a pleasant experience for patrons. But if you fail to provide a clean, dry place for members to store their personal items and get changed, you'll be leaving a very negative impression. With the right amenities and maintenance practices in place, you can keep your locker rooms in tiptop shape.

Q: We are considering upgrading our locker room. What can we add without completely renovating the facility?

A: It doesn't take much to turn your locker room experience from simple to stunning. Small items are easy to incorporate, such as toiletries and hair dryers. Replacing metal lockers with recycled plastic or wood laminate will reduce noise and create a more pleasant experience as well.

For swimmers, you should consider incorporating a way to dry wet suits. A swimsuit water extractor removes up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in just seconds, making it a perfect choice for facilities that feature aquatic amenities. What's more, this will help keep your locker room clean and tidy, as patrons won't be tempted to leave dripping suits over the doors of lockers.

Q: We want to ensure locker rooms stay clean and pleasant. What kinds of practices can help keep the locker room tidy?

A: Begin by creating a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. When staff is visiting the locker room regularly to check on things like toiletries and cleanliness, you'll notice any problems as they arise. In addition, a regular visit from staff will help prevent theft and vandalism.

Provide a checklist next to the entrance for employees to use. This might include such duties as checking and restocking toilet paper, as well as checking and emptying the garbage. Be sure staff is also checking for wet floors or other messes.

If you have an aquatic area, you also should consider installing a swimsuit water extractor. Swimmers who don't have easy access to a way to dry their suits often leave them lying about, where they can drip on the floor, creating slip hazards.


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