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Bring 'Wow' to Your Waterfront

If you have underutilized space, whether you're a park, a campground or another type of recreational facility, you can turn it into a destination. With the right amenities and products to suit the needs of your audience and facility, reimagining and repurposing the space can bring 'wow' to your space and create a standout destination for your community.

Q: We are hoping to reimagine our outdoor space and create a family-friendly waterfront. What should we consider?

A: You can turn your space into a family destination by creating a water-based recreational facility. Working either with an existing body of water or creating one by digging a pond, you can develop an engaging, family-friendly environment that features multiple recreation zones—both in and out of the water.

Within the water, you'll want to create shallow and deep water zones to allow swimmers of all abilities to enjoy the water. The shallow zones can offer a variety of floats, mats and low-profile slides so less proficient swimmers can climb and play, and adults can relax. Deeper water can incorporate sports parks using inflatables as well as higher-profile slides to provide entertainment to more advanced swimmers, as well as teens and adults.

Q: What kinds of amenities should we offer on land to accompany our water-based activities?

A: You can extend the fun of your waterfront by providing even more activities on land. Incorporate things like volleyball courts, playgrounds, miniature golf, walking paths and shade structures to give those who don't want to recreate in the water the opportunity to enjoy your site.

By combining water and land activities, you'll create a multigenerational recreation environment that will be fun and entertaining for everyone. This, in turn, will help bring in more revenue from your previously underused space through admissions or, in the case of a campground or resort, greater occupancy.


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