Facility Profile - October 2015
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Boosting Group Fitness Participation
Brickhouse Cardio Club in Princeton, W.Va.

Brickhouse Cardio Club of Princeton, W.Va., built its core business based on energetic dance-based aerobics programs that its members are very devoted to. Creating a supportive environment is a top priority at Brickhouse Cardio, and its instructors stay involved with members throughout their fitness journeys.

Program Director Abby Honaker said that bringing a whole new kind of exercise into the facility in the form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) was "… a risk for us, no doubt about it." But she and her team broke down barriers to introduce the facility's membership to this new form of exercise, adding Les Mills GRIT to the lineup.

In a short seven months, Brickhouse Cardio generated a new revenue source and cultivated a devoted group of program participants that continues to grow.

"When we added Les Mills GRIT, it caused our members to step up and take control of their fitness goals," Honaker said. "They began to change the way they live and to focus on becoming strong and healthy. We also have seen the numbers increase in our more physically challenging classes because of Les Mills GRIT."

Recruitment & Motivation

To kick off the launch of the new program, the Brickhouse Cardio coaches participated in a 21-day competition to illustrate its effectiveness. As the coaches' bodies started to change from doing HIIT, the members quickly took notice. This was key to securing 19 participants right away for the first fee-based session.

The Brickhouse team's creative launch helped build camaraderie between instructors and participants through mutual encouragement and success. Each team chose names, logos and a theme song to create cohesion and a shared goal. Each team also had their own private Facebook group where they could communicate about nutrition, struggles and successes.

Brickhouse Cardio coaches gave group training participants special attention compared to regular fitness membership in order to enhance the value of the program. To reinforce that, the group training members were getting extra support for the fee they paid.

Each eight-week block started with a party for the participants to meet one another and to discuss the nutrition program. At the end of each eight-week block, members who completed 80 percent of the sessions received a gift and were invited to the group finale and dinner. In addition, they received a discount to register for the next eight-week bootcamp.

"This program was completely different from any program the instructors or clients had done before," Honaker said. "It was far more intense and required more dedication from both groups. It has fundamentally changed the way participants think about themselves. They understand they are capable of so much more than they believed."

Long-Term Loyalty & Satisfied Customers

Over time, participation in other complimentary group fitness classes increased in tandem with participation in the HIIT training. Management responded by organizing classes so that members could get all their exercise in a two- to three-hour time period.

One participant said, "Les Mills GRIT, in combination with our amazing coaches and teammates, is changing who I am! I make healthier choices with no regret and wake up every day wanting to improve. I am so excited to be a part of this program and to be able to support change in those around me. I wanted to be skinny until I found out how it feels to be strong!"

Participation in the program has more than doubled since Brickhouse Cardio Club first began offering it. The first boot camp had an impressive 19 participating members. By the fourth session, 45 members were taking the challenge.

The increased revenue from the program has paid for additional group fitness classes allowing Brickhouse Cardio to diversify their group fitness programs.

Ultimately, the program has helped the Brickhouse Cardio team form stronger and deeper bonds with their members. Coaches and participants are equally invested and "shed some tears along with the sweat."

Brickhouse Cardio Club: www.brickhousecardio.com
Les Mills: www.lesmills.com