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Make Your Park Unique

Shelters, pavilions, gazebos and other site structures have the potential to make a tremendous impression on park visitors. What's more, with the wide variety of standard and customized options that are available these days, you can find a park structure that will stand out from the pack, creating a unique destination for your community.

Q: We're outfitting our park and want to provide something unique that suits our site well. What should we look for?

A: Start by thinking about your site as it is now. You want to choose a pavilion or a series of shelters and structures that will complement your unique environment. Colors, materials, designs—all of these should be considered against the unique backdrop of your site.

There is a wide variety of premanufactured shelters available that can easily fit your site. You can select items straight from a manufacturer's catalog, and then customize with various options, from colors, shapes and styles to cupolas, weather vanes—even solar lighting.

Q: We're looking for a shelter that really goes beyond what one normally finds in a park setting to offer something different, eye-catching and unique. What should we consider?

A: Talk to your manufacturer about the various options that are available. You might be surprised to find what a variety of choices you have. Remember, too, that you can coordinate a wide range of amenities on your site to complement each other, including gazebos and band shells, arbors, trail shelters, entrance arches and more.

If you want to create a unique site with a natural appeal, consider a shelter that combines a green roof with a steel structure to create a cool, attractive space. One shelter, with various configurations available, features a live roof, where plant modules allow for living greenery indigenous to your area to create a stunning, natural look for your shelter.

If your park features stunning views, you might consider a two-story shelter. A first of its kind in the industry, a two-story shelter can be built into a sloped berm with a catwalk to provide accessibility, or can stand alone with stairs leading to the second level.


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