Feature Article - February 2017
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Structural Integrity

Nonconventional Buildings Offer Savings, Customization

By Deborah L. Vence

Installation Time

Nonconventional structures also can offer quicker construction time. For example, Goldrup's company aims to be as efficient and reliable in its services as possible to make sure the project meets its deadlines and stays within budget.

A nonconventional building may cost more initially, but the additional cost is paid back over time due to savings in maintenance and operating costs.

"While design and construction times depend on the size and nature of the project, and whether construction on other parts of the build needs to be finished first, [our company] has often required less building time to complete installations than standard construction times," she said.

Bolwerk added that the state-of-the-art design and manufacturing process allows for pre-fabrication of the custom enclosures, big or small, in-house prior to being shipped to the site.

"Once all the material arrives, it's a matter of assembling all the parts, resulting in a faster completion time. There is no need for on-site fabrication or welding," he said.

Case in point: The Crooked Cue Restaurant and Pool Hall in Toronto was closed for only a few weeks when a 20-foot-by 48-foot retractable enclosure was commissioned for the upper level. When it finally reopened, the Crooked Cue more than doubled its business over the previous year.

On the other end of the scale, Bolwerk and Goldrup's company is building a 62,000-square-foot operable enclosure for the Epic Waters waterpark in Grand Prairie, Texas.

"While the scale of this project requires a longer time frame, our team has made steady progress and is on track to complete construction by the original finish date in fall 2017," Goldrup said.