Supplement Feature - February 2017
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Put Your Pool in Overdrive

Programming Your Pool for Success

By Rick Dandes

Trends in Equipment

Baby boomers and athletes are coming to the pool now more often as it provides an excellent and potentially intense workout without stressing or adding injury through typical land training. It's an effective cross-training tool as well to land and recreational activity preparation.

There's so much equipment out there, it's amazing, said Proctor, of the Aquatic Exercise Association. "Aquatic-biking centers are opening in many major cities, and Miami has kicked that off. Treadmills, built-in workout stations, Aqua Poles are a hit in Europe and making a big stamp here. There's probably three or four companies launched in the past two years involved in some type of paddleboard training. Aquatic massage is very big in Brazil and trampoline fitness and kickboxing bags are becoming a norm in many facilities worldwide. Handheld strength training equipment is sweeping the United States, and two companies recently merged and are reaching the highly fit and disciplined enthusiasts as well. All of it is aquatic-based."

Assuming you now have an idea of what programming you want to offer, managers need to then assess the cost of equipment. Group purchasing is always an option: Maybe a local school would cover part of the cost of some equipment in exchange for free pool time. In any case, try to be creative with what you have, but whatever you do, market your programs, Withrow advised, "so that your patrons cover cost as well as bringing in revenue."