Feature Article - September 2017
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The Right Rest Stop

Selecting Restroom Structures to Suit Your Site

By Dave Ramont

Set It Up

When it comes to installing restroom structures, oftentimes it can be done in less than a day. The precast concrete buildings require no footings or foundation, and can be installed on a level six-inch layer of crushed stone. Burger said they'll visit any site, free of charge, to make an assessment. "Even in the remotest sites, such as Death Valley National Park, if we can get equipment in, we'll get the building installed."

Smith agreed that installations can be tricky, sharing how they delivered a restroom to a very remote state park in North Carolina known for rock climbing. "Luckily, it was a single person restroom, but it was quite the job getting the excavator in there to dig the hole for the vault that goes under the restroom."

He added that installing a restroom in an urban park where there is little wiggle room can be just as challenging. "By performing a site survey prior to installation, we can anticipate any issues and prepare with the proper crane, rigging and personnel to mitigate those problems."

Looking forward, Burger believes there are many new trends in the industry, including buildings that are more sustainable, gender-neutral or have family-assist capabilities. "Buildings that can monitor usage and have controls to lock themselves at night and open in the morning are also in demand. But, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Parks departments are still looking for great designs that are easy to keep clean and maintain, because park users want buildings that are clean, and they feel safe using."