Feature Article - July 2018
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In The Money

Our 11th Annual Salary Survey

By Emily Tipping

Respondents from community centers were the most likely to report that their salaries had increased from 2016 to 2017, with 67.3 percent indicating they'd seen an increase in that time period. They were followed by parks respondents, with a 65.8 percent increase, and schools, with a 59.5 percent increase. Respondents from health clubs were the least likely to see salaries go up in that time frame, though nearly half (48.5 percent) said their salaries had risen. (See Figure 10.)

Looking ahead, respondents from health clubs are the most likely to be expecting a salary increase in 2018, with 52.9 percent reporting they expect an increase. They were followed by community centers, where 42.9 percent of respondents expect an increase. Respondents from Ys were the least likely to be expecting an increase in 2018.

Working Hard and Loving It

Well over half (60.6 percent) of respondents said that they work a fairly typical number of hours in a week, between 40 and 49. But almost a quarter (23.5 percent) said they work 50 to 59 hours a week, and 8.5 percent are working 60 hours or more.

The percentage of respondents who said their level of responsibility is increasing year-over-year fell slightly in 2017. While 61.5 percent of respondents last year said their responsibilities had increased in 2016, this year, 58.6 percent reported their level of responsibility increased in 2017. Looking forward, slightly fewer (54.4 percent) said they expect their level of responsibility will grow in 2018. (See Figure 11.)