Supplement Feature - February 2019
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Aquatic Trends Report

By Emily Tipping

To ensure the MAHC is regularly updated, a nonprofit organization, the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) was created in 2013. The council serves as a clearinghouse for input and advice on improvements to the MAHC. Every three years, CMAHC members can take part in the process of updating the MAHC and have their input heard by the CDC as it revises and releases the next edition. The next CMAHC Conference will be held in October 2020.

We asked survey respondents whether they participate in the CMAHC or have provided input into the ongoing development of the code. A majority of respondents (71.5 percent) have neither participated in MAHC development or served on the CMAHC. Another 19.8 percent are unsure. Just 1.3 percent of respondents said they are on the CMAHC, and 7.4 percent have provided input into development of the code. (See Figure 26.)

(To learn more about participating in the CMAHC, visit

We also asked respondents whether the regulatory agency that governs their facilities has adopted the MAHC, either fully or partially. Slightly less than half (45.6 percent) were not sure. Around one-third (33.4 percent) said their regulatory agency had not adopted the MAHC. Some 4.2 percent said the MAHC had been fully implemented by their regulatory agency, and 16.8 percent said their regulatory agency has adopted portions of the MAHC. (See Figure 27.)