Supplement Feature - February 2019
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Aquatic Trends Report

By Emily Tipping

When it comes to secondary disinfection, 32 percent of respondents indicated that they currently use some form of secondary disinfection. The majority of those (83.7 percent) are using UV systems as their form of secondary disinfection, while 9.5 percent are using ozone systems. Another 6.7 percent said they use some other form of secondary disinfection. (See Figure 11.)

Respondents from community centers and colleges were the most likely to report that they are currently using some form of secondary disinfection. Some 38.9 percent of community center respondents and 38.1 percent of college respondents said they are using secondary disinfection. They were followed by Ys (33.8 percent), parks (32.7 percent) and schools (27.5 percent). Camp respondents were the least likely to indicate that they used secondary disinfection, with only 5.9 percent reporting that they do. (See Figure 12.)

Respondents whose facilities have higher average operating costs are more likely to report that they use secondary disinfection than those with lower costs. More than half (50.5 percent) of respondents with average costs of at least $500,000 said they use secondary disinfection. This compares with 35.2 percent of those whose costs fall in the range of $250,000 to $499,999, and 23.6 percent of those whose costs are less than $250,000 per year.

Looking forward, among respondents who plan to make additions at their pools in the next several years, 37.1 percent plan to add UV systems, and 18.2 percent plan to add ozone. Respondents from colleges and schools were the most likely to be planning to add UV. Some 56.3 percent of college respondents and 50 percent of schools with plans to make additions will be adding UV.

Pool automation systems were very common among survey respondents. Some 76.8 percent said they currently use chemical controllers, while 73.7 percent use a chemical feed pump. Another 36.8 percent said they currently use a backwash controller. (See Figure 13.)