Feature Article - July 2019
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On the Up & Up

Our 12th Annual Salary Survey

By Emily Tipping

On the Job

A majority of respondents (64.3 percent) said that they work a pretty typical number of hours in a week, between 40 and 49. This is up from 2018, when 60.6 percent worked 40 to 49 hours in a week. Meanwhile, the number of respondents who are working 50 or more hours in the week has fallen, from 32 percent in 2018 to 28 percent in 2019. (See Figure 10.)

On average, respondents said they work 47.2 hours per week. Respondents from schools reported that they worked the most hours per week, averaging 52.4 hours. They were followed by respondents from camps, with 51.3 hours per week. Other respondents averaged less than 50 hours per week, with Y respondents working the most hours at 47.9, followed by college respondents (46.8 hours per week), parks respondents (45.5 hours per week), rec center respondents (45.4 hours per week), and health club respondents (43.8 hours per week).

On average, respondents said they have 21.9 employees reporting directly to them. Some 5 percent of respondents said they have no employees who report to them directly. Another 25.8 percent have one to five direct reports. Another 23 percent have between six and 10 direct reports. Some 17.9 percent have 11 to 20 direct reports, while 18.9 percent have between 21 and 50. Fewer respondents said they have 51 to 100 employees (6.6 percent) or more than 100 employees (2.9 percent) reporting directly to them.

The number of direct-report employees is highest for those from schools, who have an average of 36.4 direct reports. They were followed by Ys, with 29.1 direct reports, rec centers (20.4) and parks (19.3). (See Figure 11.)