Supplement Feature - February 2020
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A Deep Dive Into Aquatic Facility Trends

By Emily Tipping

The most common tools used to conserve energy, chemicals and water at aquatic facilities included LED lighting (used by 47.3% of all respondents, up from 41.5% in 2018) and high-efficiency heaters (used by 27.2%, down from 31.1% in 2018). Another 23.1% rely on VFDs, and 18.3% use pool covers or blankets. (See Figure 16.)

Respondents with indoor pools only were more likely than those with outdoor pools only to rely on things like LED lights, high-efficiency heat and VFDs, while outdoor-only respondents were more likely to use pool covers. Some 52.6% of indoor pool respondents said they currently use LED lights, compared with 22.4% of outdoor pool respondents. And, while 25.4% of indoor pool respondents use high-efficiency heat, 18.1% of outdoor pool respondents use them. Similarly, 17.5% of indoor pool respondents use VFDs, and 10.5% use salt chlorination, compared with 7.8% and 5.2% of outdoor pool respondents, respectively. On the other hand, while 25.9% of outdoor pool respondents said they currently use a pool cover, 10.5% of indoor pool respondents use them. (See Figure 17.)