Supplement Feature - April 2020
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Playgrounds That Pop

Building a Better Playground

By Rick Dandes

Go Viral

Once you have that playground opening, post news of it. Social media is always a factor, said Proud. "These days it seems, if you can't post something on Instagram, it never happened," he said. To go to a unique site, a unique playground and have them post an image that says something about it, and it can drive budgeting for municipalities. They are a factor in the decision-making. If it is more visible to the community then it is perceived to be more valuable.

"Playgrounds and parks have to have those outdoor amenities that are social-media-friendly are going to get viewers." Proud said. "And ultimately, friends will tell friends via Instagram or other social media, about the playground."

Playgrounds are becoming more dramatic in order to be more social media friendly, and attract people out of the house, Proud said. RM