Feature Article - July 2020
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Money Matters

Our 13th Annual Salary Survey

By Emily Tipping

On average, respondents said they have 21.9 employees reporting directly to them, representing no change from 2019. Some 4.6% of respondents said they have no direct reports. Another 24.5% have one to five employees reporting to them. Some 23.1% have between six and 10 direct reports. Some 18.2% have 11 to 20 employees reporting to them, while 18.5% have between 21 and 50. Another 9.1% of respondents said between 51 and 100 employees report directly to them, and just 1.9% have 100 or more.

The number of direct-report employees is highest for those from schools, who have an average of 30.7 direct reports. They were followed by health clubs, with 26.6, and Ys, with 24.1. (See Figure 12.)

While there was a very slight uptick in the percentage of respondents who say they are unsatisfied in their jobs, from 8.2% in 2019 to 9.6% in 2020, the majority of respondents are either very satisfied (39.6%) or satisfied (50.8%) in their current positions. (See Figure 13.)

Respondents from camps reported the highest levels of satisfaction in their work, with 93.3% indicating they were satisfied. They were followed by those from Ys (93% of whom said they're satisfied in their current jobs) and schools (91.2%). Conversely, respondents from colleges and health clubs were the most likely to report dissatisfaction in their work, though the majority in both cases were satisfied. Some 12.9% of college respondents and 10.8% of health club respondents said they are unsatisfied with their jobs. RM