What's Your Problem?

elcome to our annual guide to facility problems and solutions, where we answer some of the toughest questions faced by recreation, sports and fitness facility directors today.

Once again, we address challenges faced by facilities across the board, from fitness centers looking to boost membership and engage families to swimming pools that want to reduce their operating costs and go green, from playgrounds that want to ensure safety for kids of all ages to parks that need a little sprucing up.

New this year, we've included a targeted story that looks at some of the proactive approaches facility managers have taken to help ensure safety for their patrons. Whether it's making sure climbers are safe on a new climbing wall or protecting swimmers from drowning, there are steps you can take up front to ensure fewer problems with safety in the long term.

As you flip through these pages, we hope you'll find answers to some of your most pressing questions. And if you have a question or a challenge that is not addressed here, let us know! We'll put your question out there for other readers, so you can learn from others' experience, and mistakes.

For example, one reader from the Midwest wants to know what other private swim and tennis clubs are experiencing in this down economy. With a pressed budget, this facility manager needs answers on how to renovate and improve the private facility, without breaking the bank.

Another reader is looking for advice on where best to begin the search for additional funding through grants and other available funds.

Do you have an answer for one of these readers? Do you have a problem of your own?

Write to us at editor@recmanagement.com, and tell us all about it! We're here to offer new ideas and innovations that can help you solve those problems, and we invite all readers to let us know about your own creative solutions to problems you've faced.


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