Expanding Your Seating Options

Whether you're a school athletic director looking to provide parents with a place to sit and watch the game, a parks and recreation manager trying to find a seating solution for concerts in the park or otherwise looking to give people a place to sit at events in your community, you can benefit by finding a flexible solution. When you choose bleacher seating, everyone gets a view, and sitting in the bleachers is more comfortable than staking out a spot on the turf.

But with tightening budgets, providing permanent seating can be a difficult proposition. Why not offer towable bleachers that can be moved from event to event?

Q: Why should I consider temporary bleachers?

A: If your community hosts a wide variety of events—sports, concerts, festivals, parades and more—you should consider investing in movable bleachers. This way, the seating will be where you want it, when you want it. You won't have to invest in a separate seating arrangement for each event and each location.

In spots that already have permanent bleachers, you'll be able to expand your seating options for larger events.

Q: We don't have a big budget to invest in providing bleachers. Do you have any creative suggestions for bringing the cost down?

A: You might think that your budget won't cover the cost of one of these systems, but if you do a little research, you'll quickly find out that there are companies that offer lease-to-own or even shared ownership programs, so there's always a way to fit it into your budget.

In addition, you'll find that many owners of these bleacher systems are generating revenue by placing banner advertising on the backs of the guardrails. This can help pay for your bleachers in the short term, but will continue to generate revenue in the long term.

Q: What should we consider when purchasing movable bleachers?

A: It's important to know what to look for when you're considering movable bleachers. While some manufacturers may tout that their bleachers are portable, they can require several people and a lot of time to actually move and set up. Find out how the unit will be transported, how it folds up and how much space it will take up when unfolded.

How fast can you set it up? Some bleachers take a while, and others take a matter of minutes. This might make a big difference if you plan to use your bleachers at multiple events in different locations within a short time span. Once they're up, the units should provide strong, easily operated jacks to stabilize the bleachers.

One available option is a highway-towable portable bleacher that comes with push-button operation and folds with a hydraulic mechanism that's powered by a 12-volt system. What does that mean? Just one person can set it up in 10 minutes.

The unit has a simple design that allows you to move it around town for various events, making it an ideal solution for municipalities, school districts and others.

Now that you've learned that there are plenty of options to fulfill your temporary need for seating, you can think about what it'll look like. They do actually come in different styles, so look for one you like and then keep it looking good by keeping it clean and in perfect working order.

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