Funding Park Benches and Memorials

In these days of budget-crunching, you may be challenged to meet the needs of your park patrons and site visitors. If you're lacking funds and are looking for creative ways to add site furnishings, you should consider the value of allowing community members to dedicate memorial benches or other furnishings. This is easier to do than you might think, and when it comes to fallen heroes, you might even get a little assistance toward meeting your goal.

Q: We'd like to add benches to our site but are short of funds. Community members have expressed an interest in helping. Is there a way we can partner with them to reach our goals?

A: Your community members can easily help you achieve your goal of beautifying your site when they sponsor memorial benches. This is an excellent solution for communities that don't have the budget to fund benches and other site furnishings, but do have community members willing to get involved. Memorial benches offer a lasting and meaningful way to recognize people, associations and organizations that have made a difference in the community. Individuals, organizations or businesses simply donate the cost of the bench or another memorial site furnishing, and can then dedicate the bench to the person or group of their choice. A custom plaque on the bench or furnishing denotes the dedication.

Q: We are creating a memorial to honor local community members who have fallen in the line of duty in an existing park. Do you have any suggestions for making this memorial a reality?

A: Across the country and around the world, Americans are on the front lines, from soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan to police, firefighters and other first responders working closer to home.

Creating a memorial to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty is a respectful way to honor their service. You might not always have space to dedicate for a statue, but you might consider adding beautiful memorial park benches with plaques honoring the fallen. You can get one step closer to your goal when you partner with your manufacturer. For example, one provider of park benches will donate a memorial plaque honoring a fallen hero if you purchase a bench.

Be sure to plan your memorial in a beautiful location. A spot that allows patrons to sit and reflect is ideal.

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