Greening Your Park Restrooms

Restrooms in parks get a lot of use, and they can create a lot of waste, but some manufacturers have created sustainable, green structures that can help you reduce energy and water usage, reduce waste and increase the life of your restrooms. All of these factors serve to lower the life cycle cost of your restrooms, while reducing their environmental impact.

Q: How can we better manage resources and waste at our parks?

A: With rising energy costs and a renewed focus on reducing water use and waste, it's important to look for restrooms that employ smart waste management technologies.

You can save water and reduce waste at the same time by going with a vault evaporator system designed to reduce vault waste. No flush toilets are needed, so no water is wasted. Special installations can be done to hook up water when needed.

Not only does the system require no water, but it also reduces the number of annual pump-outs, while providing an odor-free restroom.

Q: We want to provide lights, but don't want to waste too much energy keeping the facility lit.

A: Solar lighting and ventilation packages use the sun to light new and existing restrooms. Further, if you go with a manufacturer that uses LED technology to light your restrooms, you'll reduce the amount of solar power needed. LEDs also last much longer than fluorescent bulbs, ultimately reducing waste. Solar power also can be used to ventilate your restroom, eliminating odor.

Q: How else can I reduce our environmental footprint?

A: Along with looking for sustainable solutions, pay close attention to the materials used in the manufacture of your restroom facility. A variety of finishes are available that both include recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. For example, partitions are available that contain recycled material and are also 100 percent recyclable.

And just because it's metaphorically green doesn't mean your restroom structure has to look overly utilitarian. Manufacturers of restroom structures have come up with all sorts of materials and finishes to help you customize your site's look.

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