Preventing Locker Damage

You want your facility to make a good first impression—not to mention a good lasting impression. While you might think they'll base their opinions on your workout facilities, aquatic area and other amenities, you also should remember that details matter.

What signal do rusty lockers send? They'll leave patrons wondering whether you're paying close attention to other maintenance needs. Clean, safe, rust-free locker rooms, on the other hand, will let your patrons know that you pay attention to the details and want to ensure their experience at your facility is a pleasant one.

Q: Our locker room is quite humid, and we're concerned about the lockers rusting. What can we do to prevent this?

A: The wet towels and humidity of a locker room—especially in aquatic facilities—can cause your metal lockers to rust. If this is likely to be a problem in your facility, you should consider water-resistant plastic lockers constructed of high-density plastic. With no possibility of rusting, potential problems are eliminated.

That doesn't mean you can leave water standing in your locker room, though. Water in the locker room can be a hazard, and you'll want to ensure your staff is performing regular sweeps to check for such problems.

Plastic lockers also help by reducing maintenance and cleaning needs. And though they come with a higher cost than metal lockers, they'll work much better in humid environments and aquatic facilities.

You also might consider including sloping hoods over your locker as well. These will prevent patrons from placing things on top of the lockers, and will further ease cleaning.

Q: What else should we consider when looking for lockers?

A: Consider your patrons' needs. If they're likely to be showing up to work out or swim in the middle or at the end of a work day, they'll want a place to hang their clothes where they won't get wrinkled. In this case, a single-tier locker will ensure everything can fit. A shelf will give them a place to put smaller items.

If your patrons aren't likely to need that much space, you can save space in your locker room by going with a double-tier or even six-tier box-style lockers.

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