Streamline Pool Planning & Construction

When the time comes to plan, design and construct a new aquatic facility—or to renovate your existing one—it's critical to line up a team of consultants who will listen to what your community is looking for, and will help you design the best facility your budget can buy. Before you get started, you should learn as much as you can about the process of planning a pool, from the initial plans through construction. Doing so will help you streamline the process, reduce your overall cost, and ensure you get the best aquatic bang for your bucks.

Q: We want to plan and build a new aquatic facility, but we are concerned about the costs. We also want to make sure we build something that the community will love. What should we consider?

A: Planning a successful swimming pool facility starts with a detailed analysis of your needs. Look for a planning partner that has plenty of experience planning, designing and constructing aquatic facilities. They will be able to provide input and feedback on your desires, ultimately helping to shape a project that will meet your needs, while adhering to any budgetary or site limitations you may have.

Experienced partners will have more knowledge of how specific types of equipment and designs perform in different environments and contexts. This enables them to help you find the perfect fit for your facility. When you choose the right design, the right programming, the right systems and the right equipment, you end up with a facility that can stand the test of time.

Q: We are concerned that our budget for aquatic construction will limit what we can do. Is there a way to streamline the process and save money?

A: When you work with a partner that can consult through the design and construction process, as well as provide high-quality specialty aquatic equipment, filtration systems and recirculating systems, you won't need to waste your precious budget dollars on systems and designs that might not work. From initial planning and budget preparation through specifying equipment and constructing your facility, your team will be able to streamline the process and deliver substantial savings.

Q: What should we look for in our design team? Can we find a partner who will see our project from design through construction?

A: Look for a consultant who has a record of working with owners, design professionals, contractors and other stakeholders to deliver a pool project within budget and on time. The right partner can help develop construction budgets, estimate the cost of operations and help develop the program for your new construction or renovation.

You can even find partners offering a complete turnkey solution, with a staff of architects, structural, mechanical and civil engineers to help design your project.

What's more, your consultant may be able to help all the way through the construction process. Construction and cost estimating for pools can be made difficult due to differences from one locality to the next, variances in construction techniques and other variables, including quality, durability and equipment performance. Because not very many aquatic facilities are constructed each year, there are not that many construction crews who have the experience to adapt well when these variations arise.

Working with a consultant who has experienced these variables can help streamline the design and the construction of your pool. They can provide such services as field observation during the construction, project schedule monitoring, cost accounting, and more.

Furthermore, once your pool is built, you can rely on your consulting team to ensure your facility is programmed correctly, maintained well and operated properly.


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