Keep Your Site Clean

Park sites, trails and dog parks are all places where people and their pets go to enjoy the great outdoors—and hopefully some beautiful scenery to boot. But, if the site is littered with garbage, or even worse, pet waste, it can make for a less-than-pleasant experience. Luckily, you can take proactive steps to encourage people to pick up after themselves.

Q: How can we encourage visitors to take care of their own mess?

A: In addition to placing garbage cans and recycling receptacles where they are easily accessed, you should also consider adding pet waste stations to your site. These generally include a receptacle for pet waste, as well as handy litter cleanup bags, so that pet owners who have forgotten to bring their own (or already used them up) can more easily clean up after their dogs.

It's a simple solution, and it removes the responsibility for pet-waste cleanup from your staff and puts it back where it belongs—pet owners. Place the containers, pet station or bag dispenser in a location where it will be highly visible—along a dog walking trail, at the entrance to a pet park or along the walkway of a park. Instructions on how to use the stations are posted on top of each bag dispenser, so there's no excuse for not using the system.

Q: Is there a greener solution to cleaning up pet waste?

A: You can find oxo-biodegradable litter pick-up bags for your pet waste station. The bags are not only biodegradable, but also are made with recycled content. What's more, you can find biodegradable trash bags to line your pet waste receptacles.

This makes your pet waste disposal system far more eco-friendly.

Q: What else can I do to encourage pet owners to clean up after their dogs?

A: It is against the law in many areas to leave pet waste on the ground. Post the rules and regulations for your park in a visible area. If it's possible, encourage regular patrols of your park, and have the patrolling employee or security officer remind pet owners who are shirking their duty that it is their responsibility to clean up, and then point them to the nearest pet waste station.


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