Ring in the New

Happy 2013! Have you made all your New Year's resolutions? Do you have big plans for your recreation, sports and fitness facilities in this new year? Have you set your personal goals? Career goals?

I tend to avoid resolutions (I never keep them), but I love taking a look back at the successes (and failures) of the preceding year.

Even better is the fresh start, the fresh calendar that comes with a new year, and we've got a whole calendar's worth of stories and trends to cover for you in 2013. It all kicks off in this issue, where we're focusing on accessibility and inclusiveness, among other topics.

With the (extended) deadline for ADA compliance for swimming pools rapidly approaching, we're taking one more look (on page 22) at how many facilities are tackling accessibility and inclusiveness at their aquatic facilities. This includes the installation of pool lifts and other accessible means of entry, as well as programs that help get people in the water, or on the water—or even near the water, on the beach! In addition, an expert in pool lifts walks you through everything you need to know about lift maintenance in a special guest column on page 12.

But, of course, aquatics are not the only area where accessibility makes a big difference. Playgrounds have seen many advances in design for inclusiveness, taking the nature of play beyond mere accessibility to help ensure that everyone can interact on the playground, from children with disabilities to grandparents or returning veterans who want to be able to play with their young charges. On page 14, we cover some of these trends, including how some play areas have adapted programming to help ensure kids are welcoming of those who have different abilities and learn to play together.

Finally, we introduce a new series in this issue, focusing on programming trends and successes for recreation, sports and fitness facilities. In the first installment, appearing on page 30, we tackle programming for inclusiveness, and discuss ways to ensure everyone can participate—including patrons with less obvious disabilities.

If your New Year's resolution is to ensure your facility is more accessible, you're sure to find something on these pages that will help you get started—or get a little further along the path to full inclusiveness.

And if your resolution is simply to run your recreation, sports and fitness facilities more successfully, I hope you'll stay tuned throughout the year, as we'll have plenty of coverage of all your favorite topics—plus some exciting new trends emerging into the landscape of this fun and fascinating industry.

Happy New Year!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management


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