Find an Accessible Grill

A well-designed picnic or camp site will feature comfortable furnishings, from picnic tables and trash receptacles to grills and more to ensure patrons will come back again and again. But you also need to make sure the sites are accessible for everyone.

Q: We've got a picnic site, and we want to ensure every amenity is accessible. How can we go beyond just accessible tables to ensure patrons with disabilities can take part in all of the fun of the picnic and cookout?

A: You can find a charcoal grill designed to meet ADA guidelines for outdoor developed areas. One such grill provides 300 square inches of cooking area on a single-level swivel grate. The grate itself swivels 180 degrees—over the charcoals or completely out of the firebox—but the grate handle is never over the heat. In accordance with ADA guidelines, the grate requires less than 5 pounds of force to move, and only one hand to operate. The grill is also less than 34 inches high. The firebox also can rotate 360 degrees in either direction, and is 6 inches high on the swivel side, and 10 inches high on the other side to provide wind protection above the cooking grate.

You can also find wheelchair-accessible campfire rings using the same ADA compliant swivel grate, built higher to raise the fire and cooking grate to required heights.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Don't forget to also include other accessible amenities to ensure visitors of all abilities can enjoy your site. You can find picnic tables that are ADA-compliant in a wide range of shapes and designs. Accessible park benches are also a smart choice.

Be sure to place your accessible furnishings along an accessible route. Parking should be close by as well, to ensure patrons of all abilities can access the site easily.


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