Boost Interest in Your Sprayground

Everyone loves to play in the water, but not every community can afford to build and staff a full-blown aquatic center. This is one of the reasons why splash play areas, or spraygrounds, have experienced such tremendous growth over the past several years. Once you've built your sprayground, though, how do you get your community excited to keep coming back for more fun?

Q: We want to add a new sprayground in our community. What are some ways we can make it stand out and get people interested?

A: You might think that one sprayground is just like another, but yours doesn't have to be. You can find spray elements that will really stand out and catch people's notice. Themed elements are one way to do this. Exciting and fun sprays shaped like trains, pirate ships, helicopters, dragons and more can be mixed among other spray elements to give your splash play area a more imaginative element.

What's more, you won't have to break the bank to bring a theme to your sprayground. Many of these themed elements can be found as part of your splash play manufacturers' regular lineup.

Don't forget the importance of interactive features. These make kids at play a part of the action, from spraying their friends to activating splash features, there are many ways to give them a little control over the water, which also heightens the appeal. You can even find features that incorporate sound, providing a little extra excitement.

Q: We're concerned that people will lose interest in our sprayground after a season of play. What can we do to boost interest again?

A: You can find spray elements that are interchangeable. Talk to your manufacturer about the possibility of switching out elements from one park to another. You can also change the configuration within your sprayground so kids will have a whole new experience.

Be sure to incorporate activators and controllers that can provide play sequences. These keep kids active, and keep interest high.


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