Give Your Park a Beautiful, Unified Look

The most beautiful parks offer something more—a beautiful aesthetic with a unified look and amenities like shelters and other features that help anchor the site. It's easy to design a park that looks like any old park, but to get a truly unique look, you can work with manufacturers who will cost-effectively customize shelters, amphitheaters and more to provide a central focus and a more cohesive look for your park.

Q: How can we get a unique look at our park?

A: You don't need to rely on cookie-cutter shelters and other amenities. Many manufacturers will work closely with you to provide a more customized look that will help your park stand out. All you bring to the table is your creative idea and some high expectations. Your shelter partner will provide the design, engineering and manufacturing capability to make your dream a reality.

You can start by looking through the many existing offerings manufacturers provide in their catalogs, but you don't need to stop there. Many manufacturers will let you take those existing designs and enhance them by changing the color and shape, from the simplest of rectangles to more ornate hexagons and octagons.

You can also add ornamentation to these basic offerings. Why not include a cupola or a decorative railing? This will give your shelter a more finished and ornate appearance.

You can take your park even further by including a beautiful amphitheater or band shell. These features also can be customized, and provide a place for the community to gather and enjoy the serene setting you've created.

Q: We want ouR park to have a beautiful aesthetic, but we want it to all fit together. How can we be sure our customized shelters will provide a unified look throughout the entire site?

A: Talk with your manufacturer about designing multiple elements to place throughout your park site. You may be able to get a combination of everything from amphitheaters and pavilions to trellises and signs designed specifically for your park. Your customizations of all these elements will provide a complementary look and design, bringing different sections of your park together and providing a beautiful, unified aesthetic.


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