Ensure Comfort at Your Sites

You can build a beautiful park, but unless you offer amenities that provide comfort to patrons looking to picnic, play or just hang out and read a book, your site will likely sit unused. How do you arrange your site to be sure people will actually use it? Here's some advice.

Q: We want to be sure patrons are comfortable at our site. What kinds of furnishings should we consider?

A: Think about all the things people will do at your site, and then make a space for them. Arrange picnic tables and park benches in various locations and configurations-making sure that you're giving people a chance to enjoy your site as a group or alone. A grouping of picnic tables under a shelter is a great spot for families to gather or friends to picnic. You can also provide amenities like campfire rings and grills in these areas, so people can enjoy a cookout in the park.

Seating can be located in a variety of places-near the parking area or entrance, along trails and sidewalks where people might sit to catch the view, and near areas like playgrounds, sports fields and skateparks, where patrons will want to watch the action. Be sure to place benches so they are easily accessible to people of all abilities.

Q: What else should we consider?

A: Don't forget to include waste and recycling receptacles. A litter-laden site isn't comfortable for anyone. Place them near your picnic areas, as well as near trailheads, parking areas and entrances. Bike racks are also a useful amenity to include near entrances and parking areas.


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