Improve Your Waterfront to Boost Attendance

You can give your pool or waterfront recreation area a boost by adding a popular aquatic recreation amenity. But don't act too quickly. Before you make your decision on what to add to improve your waterfront or pool, you need to do your research to understand how various products will fit into the context of your facility and audience needs.

Q: We're thinking about adding recreational elements to our waterfront or pool. What are some things we should consider?

A: There are several ways to think about using recreation products at your facility. First, you could add a recreational feature as an enhancement to the guest experience, without charging anything extra for patrons to use it. It will give you a new way to market your facility and attract new patrons.

Secondly, you can use your new recreational feature as a programming tool. Create games, competitions and workouts around products like floating obstacle courses as a way to boost excitement.

Thirdly, you can ask guests to pay a separate fee to use your new amenity. In this case, though, you'll need to make a significant investment, or visitors might not think it's worth spending the extra money.

Q: What kinds of recreational products can we add to our waterfront or pool as an improvement that will attract visitors and keep them coming back?

A: You can find a wide variety of water-based toys, from slides and bouncers to modular units that can be interconnected to create a floating obstacle course.

As you consider your options, give some thought to your visitors and the reasons they come to your facility. Are they expecting a quiet float on the water, or is there a lot of activity and excitement? Also, how many people do you expect to be using the products? You want to be sure your additions can handle the demands of your audience.

Be sure that the products you're considering are designed to meet the needs of commercial facilities. Products designed for the consumer market will not be able to withstand the heavier use that your facility will enjoy.

Follow all product instructions, and make sure you're anchoring the product correctly. Also, pay attention to guidelines about storing products at the end of the season. And be sure you understand the maintenance requirements for your product


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