Add Sustainable Restroom Facilities

Many parks, camps and other outdoor facilities are looking for ways to boost comfort for visitors with sustainable solutions. Sustainable amenities like restroom structures create less pollution and can save resources.

Q: We'd like to install a more eco-friendly restroom. What should we consider?

A: Eco-friendly restrooms not only save the environment, they also can save your facility money by relying on fewer resources. You can start by saving water when you eliminate flush toilets. When you install a restroom structure with a vault evaporator, you won't need running water. What's more, the system's technology will reduce vault waste, reducing the number of annual pump-outs, while providing a facility that is pleasant and odor-free. Any location, even the most remote area, can play host to such a facility.

Q: What other materials should we consider as we look to make our restroom facilities more sustainable?

A: Consider how the finishes used can make your structure greener. There are green roofing materials, including Energy Star roofing, that can help reduce your structure's environmental footprint. Metal roofing can incorporate recycled material, and is recyclable itself.

Inside, you should look for durable finishes and amenities. Look for seamless, vandal-resistant walls, and make sure the facility is designed to be easy to clean and resistant to moisture.

Q: We want to make sure our patrons are comfortable using our facility. How can we provide lighting and running water?

A: You can find restrooms that operate on standard AC power or solar DC power. Solar electric can be used for lighting and ventilation, as well as other low-voltage equipment. LED technology will reduce the amount of power you need to light the building and is longer-lasting.

If you want to provide running water for sinks and drinking fountains, rest assured that you can find a green restroom with a vault evaporator that can also provide these amenities.


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