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When the time comes to develop a new playground—or rejuvenate an existing one—many park districts, schools and other owners aim to create something that not only gets kids out to play, but that inspires their imaginations with an extraordinary experience. When you rely on playground design experts to help make your dreams a reality, you can heighten the imaginative potential of your play space, as well as develop a gathering place that will attract families from your community and beyond.

Q: How can we create a popular playspace that will be a hit for kids in the area, as well as an attraction to families everywhere?

A: Why settle for a run-of-the-mill playground that's just like everyone else's, when you can easily create a destination playground that's like no other? Many manufacturers have begun offering themed play equipment that you can use to create an imaginative spot. Or, you can take it one step further and work with playground designers and manufacturers to create a one-of-a-kind, customized playspace.

Either approach gives you the ability to tailor your playground to fit into the surrounding area, whether you're highlighting features of the natural environment or putting a spotlight on some aspect of local history or culture.

Q: How can we create a popular, unique playground, while staying within a tight budget?

A: You can make your playground stand out by adding themed elements. Playgrounds that are different from the norm capture the imaginations of children and parents alike. Specialized, themed elements inspire creativity and bring kids back again and again to engage in imaginative play. You'll find diverse themes available in ready-to-go equipment, from natural-looking elements that celebrate the outdoors to castle-themed events fancy enough for the royal family.

Q: We're hoping to create a popular destination playground that's unlike anything else. What can we do?

A: If you want to turn your playground into an inspiring destination, you should talk to your playground manufacturer about their customization capabilities. Design experts can help you create a one-of-a-kind play space that fits your community's exact needs. Adding in customized elements like unique playground sculptures, themed roofs and panels, customized play equipment and custom colors will turn your playground into an enchanting destination for families near and far.

Q: How do we get started?

A: The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Begin with your dream or vision, taking cues from the surrounding area. Let the natural landscape or local history and culture inspire you, and then work with your playground design team to conceptualize your future playspace.

Once you've got the basic idea down, the design team will interpret your dream, working with you to design your playground vision. Combining standard playground equipment with custom sculptures and components, as well as themed accessories and unique colors, the design team will make your ideas a reality. You can then review the final drawings, analyze project costs and timelines, and then get the ball rolling to build your dream playground. Working with you, the playground design team will develop your vision into reality, all while adhering to common standards that ensure your playground provides a safe place for kids to expand their imaginations.


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