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Success in the fitness industry is all about attracting new members and retaining the existing ones. Group fitness classes are one of the crucial tools in your arsenal as you work to ensure your facility's success. But scheduling and staffing group fitness can be tricky. Providing the programs people are looking for, when they are looking for them can be difficult. With the right solutions in place, you can provide group fitness when and where members want it.

Q: We'd love to expand our group fitness options, but are concerned about the cost and scheduling challenges. What should we consider?

A: You can get all the benefits of expanded fitness offerings without the trouble when you go with a video-based provider of group fitness classes. Used in health and wellness facilities at hotels, university campuses, residential complexes, worksites, assisted living centers, health clubs and more, this type of system provides an on-demand video fitness library with hundreds of options, allowing you to deliver fitness programming at the moment your guests are ready for it.

With such a system in place, you'll be able to offer a wide variety of classes while reducing your costs and filling otherwise-vacant exercise studios.

Q: How does on-demand video fitness work?

A: When you invest in this system, you gain the ability to provide highly sought-after group fitness experiences anywhere. You get an HD projector and 120-inch motorized screen, 70-inch LED TV or 55-inch touch-screen TV to choose from. It is important to have options to find the perfect system to fit your specific needs.

Look for a system that offers full support. The provider should install and set up your system, as well as providing orientation so you'll know how the system operates. In addition, ask about marketing support to help you spread the word about your new programs.

Once the system is installed, it takes just the touch of a button for guests to experience one of hundreds of fun and engaging exercise videos. You can schedule classes in advance, or provide classes on demand. If you've scheduled a class, it will start automatically at the time you indicate. The motorized screen will lower, and an on-screen instructor leads the class. After the class is finished, the system powers down.

When classes aren't scheduled, guests can select their own options on-demand. A touch-screen kiosk lets users select their class, and moments later they can enter the studio and follow along with their custom-tailored selection.

Q: We already provide group fitness classes. How can an on-demand system help boost membership and retention?

A: Live group fitness classes are a cornerstone of the fitness industry, but sometimes classes don't draw as many attendees as you expect. Providing on-demand video classes allows you to eliminate any underperforming classes, while providing more options to members and controlling costs. Members get the extra benefit of 24/7 access to fitness classes. This is sure to be an attractive point for potential members.

What's more, sometimes members might be wary of joining a live class, but will be happy to try a video-based class to get a feel for it.

This approach is far more cost-effective than a program led solely by instructors. You can mix and match your live group fitness programs with on-demand video options, and your guests will have far more choices, without the difficulty of fitting more classes into your already-busy schedule.

Q: What sorts of programming can we provide?

A: Countless on-demand classes are available, with offerings as diverse as kickboxing, dance, cycling, yoga and more. Classes are available in multiple languages and feature world-class instructors and providers.


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