Add Cost-Efficient Flush Restrooms

There are plenty of options available when you want to add restrooms at your site, but budgets, timelines and available utilities can limit the types of restrooms you can install. While most people consider flush restrooms ideal, sometimes a vault restroom is the only practical option. The good news is that you can find a solution that provides a flush restroom experience on a site that typically would require a vault.

Q: Our budget is tight, and we'd like to add restrooms at our site. Vault restrooms seem like the only option. What are some of the issues associated with vault restrooms?

A: Visitors will always prefer flush restrooms with sinks vs. vault toilets. While recent design improvements have made vault toilets less offensive, they can still be smelly in periods of heavy use or if there is not enough air movement around the structure. In addition, the view down the toilet riser is unpleasant and gives users an unsanitary impression. And, with no opportunity for hand-washing, the unsanitary impression is reinforced.

When water and sewer lines are available, a flush restroom will almost always be the best option. However, campsites, golf courses, parks and other remote areas might require an alternative restroom.

Q: We want to be sure our visitors leave with a good impression. Can we find a more cost-effective flush restroom solution?

A: What if you could find a restroom that combines the advantages of flush restrooms with the self-contained features of vault toilets? Flush restroom buildings that reduce water usage by 90 percent are available at starting prices close to concrete vault toilets. With this option, you won't need to spend money on water, sewer or power hookups, but you'll be able to provide a more pleasing experience for your visitors.

Because water, sewer and power connections are not needed, these restrooms can be easily installed and operated virtually anywhere accessible by a pump truck.

Q: We would love to install a flush facility, but we also are concerned about sustainability. What should we know?

A: These flush restrooms combine water conservation and green technology to create a sustainable restroom. They use solar power to operate lights and other fixtures, and passive geothermal capture can be used to inhibit freezing. Extreme water conservation means toilets use only a quart of water per flush, sink faucets feature limited flow with capture and re-use of water for flushing, and urinals are waterless. In addition, you can add the option of rainwater harvesting.

All of these features combine to conserve resources—both environmental and budgetary.


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