Get a Climbing Wall at Any Budget

Many facilities aspire to have a climbing wall, but worry that such possibilities are beyond their budgets. The good news is that a wide range of climbing wall products is available with something to meet most budgetary requirements.

Q: We want to add climbing at our facility but are on a tight budget. What are the options?

A: Look for a modular climbing wall solution. Flat modular panels can be installed quickly and can often be customized to meet the needs of your facility. A range of modular products is available. One option is square panels, cast in highly detailed rock-realistic molds, which can be configured into a variety of wall types. They can create traverse walls and simple top rope climbs, as well as bouldering areas and poolside walls. Simple and flexible, these panels are inexpensive, lightweight, waterproof and easy to install.

Another option is a seamed panel system that is similar to the walls you find in climbing gyms. These are plywood sections covered with a durable, highly textured paint and is attached to a steel framing system. These panels feature limitless design options and come in a range of colors.

Q: We'd like to add a climbing tower at our facility. Is this possible with modular products?

A: Yes, you can find partial towers that attach to a wall and provide 180 degrees of climbing space, as well as freestanding climbing towers, providing 360 degrees of climbing. Both options are affordable and have a minimal footprint. Towers are highly featured with handholds and footholds molded into the surface. The towers are easy to assemble and maintain. The realistic look and texture provides great climbing terrain and natural-looking features, sure to be a hit with experienced climbers and newcomers alike.

Q: How can we keep climbers interested in our wall?

A: You can begin with a smaller wall made of modular panels and expand as the demand for climbing grows by adding additional components. Climbers love to try new routes so plan to change where the holds are frequently. Be sure to look for walls that feature a high density of handhold fasteners to allow for proper routesetting. Make sure your staff is well trained on routesetting, management, wall operations, and how to engage climbers in fun and challenging programming.


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