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In many places, sports, recreation, swimming and other activities can only take place when the weather is warm. To extend the season, providing an indoor facility is a necessity. Sometimes, though, the design and construction process can be daunting, costly and time-consuming. Solutions are available that can help you extend the season of your activities without difficulty.

Q: We'd like to provide a structure to house some of our sports and recreation programming, but we don't have the resources available to design and build a brand-new building. Is there an option that will meet our needs quickly?

A: Structures are available to meet your needs. A tensioned membrane structure features rapid construction, providing a versatile, energy-efficient space. These types of facilities can be found across the country, and have been employed to meet the needs of a wide range of sports and recreation applications, from arenas and swimming pools to gymnasiums, golf courses and ski resorts.

A tensioned membrane structure features a low construction cost and can be built quickly to provide a more sophisticated indoor environment for your programming. What's more, tensioned membrane structures are designed to last.

Q: How quickly can we have a structure in place?

A: Once you've spoken with the manufacturer about your needs, your structure can be ready to ship within two to three weeks, shortening the timeline dramatically. You can get an insulated permanent structure installed as quickly as 1,000 square feet per day. The structures are versatile: Your facility can be housed in a structure of any length, with widths ranging from 30 feet up to 200 feet.

Components of your structure will arrive at the site prefabricated. The arches will be raised, and the membrane can be installed within a few days, allowing your facility to be constructed quickly—even when it's cold outside.

Q: We want to enclose one of our community swimming pools to extend the season. Is there a simple option to provide indoor swimming?

A: Tensioned membrane structures are an excellent choice to enclose pools. With no need for complex construction or traditional foundation requirements, these structures are a quick solution. What's more, the aluminum substructure is engineered to resist rusting and corrosion, and with a special encapsulated insulation, that makes them perfect for housing pools.

The structures perform particularly well in humid environments. And when the weather is pleasant, translucent ceiling panels and roll-up doors can provide daylight and an outdoor feel for swimmers.


Sprung Instant Structures Inc.

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