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Attract Teens & Preteens to the Pool

You can really build attendance at your swimming pool if you can find ways to attract the elusive teen and preteen market away from their videogames and into your facility. Easily bored, this age group won't be satisfied with a plain old pool. You need to provide features that will give them something fun to do.

Q: We'd love to add some features to our pool to attract a more diverse age group. What should we consider?

A: One way to get kids—especially teens and preteens—into the pool and keep them coming back is by adding a traffic generator like a pool game. Pool basketball and pool volleyball give kids a way to interact and have fun together in the water, and will keep them coming back again and again.

Whether one-on-one or team play, basketball and volleyball are extra fun when you take them to the pool. You can find a wide range of commercial-grade pool games that are designed to stand up in tough pool environments. Durable and well-designed games like these can provide hours of active entertainment for your young patrons.

Q: What other kinds of features will boost attendance at our pool?

A: In addition to pool games like volleyball and basketball, you should consider adding slides. Pool slides are available in a wide range of configurations, from corkscrews to straight run-outs.

Look for a slide with an integrated water delivery system that offers a high volume of water. This makes for a more fun, slippery ride. And, of course, be sure your pool slide is compliant to CPSC safety standards.

Q: What else should we consider as we add features to our pool?

A: Be sure to look for well-constructed games and slides, made from quality materials. If your pool is used for a wide range of programs, you should look for games that can be removed when you need a clear deck.

Also, take care to consider the types of disinfection systems used in your pools. If you have a salt pool, you can find salt-friendly games that are protected with a vinyl coating that will eliminate any corrosion problems.


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