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Plan a Flexible Aquatic Play Area

Spraygrounds continue to be highly popular across North America. Many communities already have one in place and are looking to expand, while others have yet to construct their first aquatic play feature. Whether you're looking to build a brand-new sprayground or you're ready to rejuvenate an existing one, planning with flexibility in mind can help you meet your current needs and budget, while providing room for future change and growth.

Q: We'd love to add an aquatic play area to our community, but our budget is fairly limited at the moment. Is there a way to get started now, while providing room for future expansion?

A: Look for a manufacturer that provides an anchoring system that allows water features to be detached and exchanged. With this sort of system, you can build out your entire sprayground area, and install play features as the budget allows.

What might begin as an initially small sprayground installation can then be expanded in future years to include a wider variety of spray and play features.

What's more, with this kind of system, you'll be able to keep your sprayground fresh and exciting for visitors by swapping play features from one location to another. In addition, as new features are being developed on a continual basis, you'll be able to replace older spray features with newer innovations.

Q: We are planning to build an aquatic play area in one of our busy local parks, but we're concerned about the seasonality of such an amenity. We're glad to know it'll be popular in the hot summer months, but what about when it's time to turn off the water for the season?

A: If you go with a system that allows for detaching play features, or even just an assortment of in-ground sprays, you'll be able to create a multifunctional space. When the water is turned on for the summer, kids and families will show up to splash and play, but when it's time to turn off the water for the season, you'll still be able to make use of the play pad.

With a system that allows for play features to be detached and removed in colder months, you can remove all of the play features from the pad, opening it up for other uses. You can simply convert the area into a public plaza or event space, or even use it as a skating rink in the winter, ensuring the fun lasts from one season to the next.

Q: We want to construct an aquatic play area at our park as quickly as possible. Is there any way to speed up the construction timeline so kids can be out and playing in the water sooner?

A: You can easily get a jump on your project by beginning with plumbing and pouring concrete while your play features are still being manufactured. With a detach-and-exchange system, you can get everything but the play features ready. Once play features are manufactured and delivered, your project will be nearly complete.


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