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Ensure Long-Lasting Lane Lines

Hosting swimming competitions requires specific features for your swimming pool, such as swimming lane dividers and deck equipment. Choosing these items with care and giving close attention to maintenance will help ensure a long life for all the amenities of competition that you need for your pool.

Q: We want to host competitive swimming meets at our pool. What should we consider?

A: The lanes in your pool are a very important part of your program. Standard 4-inch lanes are great for high schools and YMCAs, but competition at a higher level, such as colleges or U.S. Swimming trials, will require 6-inch lanes.

Swimmers love a fast pool. To speed up the water, look for lanes that quell waves. You can find lanes that are 25 percent better than standard lane dividers at reducing waves in the pool.

Most lane lines can be found in a range of colors. You'll need at least two different colors, providing a different pattern beginning at 5 meters from each end of the lane.

Q: We want to ensure our lane lines have a long useful life. What should we consider?

A: Look for stainless steel cables and a coating to help reduce wear and tear. One lane line manufacturer has recently developed a material to improve durability via a protective additive with cutting-edge polymer stabilization components and weatherable pigments. This helps ensure the lane lines will last.

Another way to extend the life of your lane lines is taking them out of the water when the competition is over. This might seem like a time-consuming task, but leaving them in the water can shorten the useful life of your lanes.

You also need to clean your lanes, washing them with clean water and sodium phosphate. For storage purposes, look for a cover that will protect your lines from UV rays. A reel and cover can help simplify the task of pulling the lanes out of your pool and storing them.


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