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Extend Your Pool's Season

An outdoor swimming pool is a great benefit to the community, providing a venue for swimming lessons, aquatic exercise programs and more. But when bad weather hits or the season ends, the pool must close and the fun ends. You can extend your pool's season with a design-build structure available in many styles and sizes to enclose your pool, providing an ideal environment for year-round fun in the water.

Q: We'd like to build an enclosure for our aquatic facility, but don't want to start from scratch. Is there some way to incorporate our existing pool into a facility?

A: A tension fabric structure can be built quickly and economically to house your swimming pool. Spacious and airy, tension fabric structures provide a great amount of space with no internal columns needed.

In addition, these structures feature sound-absorbing covers and walls, which will reduce noise inside the facility, making for a peaceful indoor environment for swimmers.

Q: We're interested in enclosing our facility, but want to be careful about energy use. Will we need to add lighting?

A: With white fabric covers, a tension fabric structure reduces the need for artificial lighting, requiring lower energy consumption than other kinds of enclosures. Bright, natural daytime lighting is ideal for swimming, and the translucent and reflective qualities of the building's cover provide even more energy savings by helping to keep indoor temperatures stable.

Q: What about indoor air quality? Won't enclosing the pool lead to problems?

A: A tension fabric structure allows natural light to get in, reducing moisture and mold problems. And ventilation options are available, including doors, roll-up sides and wall vents, so you can provide proper ventilation of your facility.

It's also important to remember that many of the problems with indoor air quality in aquatic facilities are due not to the fact that they are enclosed, but poor management of water quality. By ensuring your facility is properly ventilated and by keeping a close eye on water quality, you'll be able to provide aquatics year-round in a safe, healthy environment.


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