Editor's Desk - October 2006
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Green Pieces

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

—Charles Dudley Warner, in a Hartford Courant editorial August 1897

I used to think this witticism, unfortunately, also could apply to environmental issues as well as polite conversation about precipitation and unseasonal temperatures. People like to talk about saving the planet, but how many translate that chat into daily deeds?

Sure, you have some recycling bins. But do you go that extra mile, literally, and bike or walk to work, if you can?

Are you vigilant about your energy consumption? Have you installed devices to help conserve water? Do you choose eco-friendly products?

Thankfully, the green movement and market has matured and picked up steam, so many of us can take real, practical steps to do something beyond all the doomsday statistics and earthy-crunchy chatter.

Even more important, with the green building evolution, recreation facilities, new and established, can adapt some very sensible, hands-on practices to lessen their often gigantic footprints—and usually save a bundle in the budget along the way.

For that's exactly what many eco-friendly designs are: a wise investment.

While I'm tempted to quote John Muir or Chief Seattle and get all philosophical now, I'll instead simply point you to some straight-up eco-savvy tips in our Green Up feature this issue, starting on page 40. So go save the planet. And some money.


Jenny E. Beeh

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Swimmingly in September

I just received and had the pleasure of reading your September issue of Recreation Management. I think that Stacy St. Clair's story, "Refreshing Strategies" was fantastic.

I am sure all the words and the numerous images will get a lot of facility's imagination going about how they could become more fun and attract more people to water.

I also really enjoyed the "State of the Industry" Special Report. I know this report will spur a lot of discussions. You guys showed good judgment giving such prominent recognition to aquatics. The write-up on "Education Made Easy" was nicely done. I am honored to have had a chance to contribute in a small way to this edition; it is fantastic. Keep up the great work.

Thomas M Lachocki, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
National Swimming Pool Foundation