Editor's Desk - November 2006
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Beeh Seeing You

Perhaps you've heard the rumor about my next job offer: managing a brand-new waterpark in Hawaii, complete with state-of-the-art equipment, professionally trained staff and a budget surplus to boot. Other goodies include full benefits (dental!), a six-figure salary and mornings off to go surfing or work on my Great American Novel. Not bad, eh?

Well, it's only a rumor, although a really good-sounding one. I won't be tackling a new aquatic career anytime soon, though I do have some fun and exciting projects ahead as I step down this month from my long-time post as editor of this fine magazine.

I've had the amazingly rare and rewarding experience of helping Recreation Management grow and evolve and have been lucky for the opportunity to report on such an interesting and vital industry. Where else would I have acquired such a unique education on everything from skatepark ramps and accessible playgrounds to comfortable yurts and composting toilets? More importantly, I have really come to appreciate this industry that is crucial to our culture.

First and foremost, I must thank the dedicated Recreation Management staff, without whom there simply would be no magazine. I so appreciate all your support and hard work over the years. You have made my job a pleasure.

Thank you also to all our talented writers who have helped fill our pages and to all our industry sources who have shared their time and expertise with us. You are invaluable.

And finally, thank you, readers, who we always try to keep first and foremost in our minds as we put together every issue. I hope you have found us to be an indispensable (and entertaining) tool. And I know Recreation Management will continue to help make your jobs easier, your facilities better and your patrons safe, strong and happy. Keep up the good work.


Jenny E. Beeh

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Baseball Under the Lights

In your October issue, you state that the first professional baseball game played under the lights was in Cincinnati in 1934 (page 36). That was the first major-league baseball game under the lights. FYI: The first professional baseball game played under the lights was in 1930 in Des Moines, Iowa.


Scott Sailor, Iowa Cubs
Principal Park
One Line Drive
Des Moines, Iowa

Editor's Note: Thanks so much for the clarification, Scott, and for the interesting link. Go Cubs!