Editor's Desk - August 2007
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You Ask, We Answer

Welcome to our annual Problem-Solver Guidebook. We've written and designed this handy reference to give you a go-to-guide to tackle the big challenges that go along with running a recreation, sports or fitness facility. Whether it's a question about maintaining the right balance of chemicals in your pool or how best to add site furnishings on a small budget, we've got an answer for you in these pages.

When I was younger, I remember riding around with my parents, listening to WJBC, a Bloomington, Ill., AM radio station. They had a show in the mornings called "Problems and Solutions," where listeners would call in with various questions and others would call in with their solutions.

The show was introduced as a response to the appearance of local television stations in Central Illinois in 1953. The program director for WJBC at the time, Fred Muxfield, thought the best response to the competition introduced by TV would be to air telephone conversations on the radio. The show was still going strong during my childhood in the 1970s, and I remember listening to various callers with all kinds of problems, and other callers who would help them out by calling in with their suggestions. It was kind of like a publicly-run advice column.

Consider this issue the managed recreation industry's version of that radio program. We've started the conversation here, with some of the most pressing problems and challenges facing directors of recreation, fitness and sports facilities. And we've answered those problems with solutions from some of the industry's top experts.

But the conversation doesn't have to stop on these pages. Do you have a pressing problem that's not answered here? An alternate solution to one of these problems? Share your own problems and solutions by sending an e-mail to editor@recmanagement.com, and we'll be happy to keep the questions rolling in and the answers rolling out on the pages of Recreation Management.

Until then, we hope you'll keep this reference as a permanent fixture on your desk-a tool you can turn to year-round to help answer your own tough problems.


Emily Tipping