Editor's Desk - July 2009
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Consider the Options

Whether they're participating as spectators in the stands or players on the field or court, there is no doubt that Americans have a love of sport. But sitting in those great seats behind home plate, sitting on the sidelines waiting for the offense to be called back into the game, or sitting in right field picking dandelions and hoping the ball doesn't come your way (a perfect picture of my own softball participation as a child), you don't consider the many decisions that must be made to ensure you have a safe and comfortable place to watch and play.

What kind of turf should you use? What sports will be played on your multipurpose courts? How can you ensure all the spectators have a good view of the action? What scoreboard will work for you? What are the latest lighting options? How can you convert your facility to be used for special events? The questions go on and on.

The special supplement you're holding in your hands (or reading online) right now aims to get behind the scenes to examine some of those design decisions and how they impact the players' and spectators' comfort, safety and appreciation of the venue. From huge arenas and stadiums to indoor soccer fields, basketball courts and more meant for amateurs and more experienced players alike, sports facilities call for specific attention.

We hope you'll find this guide helpful as you consider your own options, and dream about improvements for your own facility.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director