Editor's Desk - February 2010
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Need Some Water Wings?

There's no denying that this has been a tough year for recreation, sports and fitness facilities. And the coming year is expected to be just as tough for many of you out there.

On top of that, consider the fact that many aquatics facilities were already operating at a deficit—spending more money than they bring in. Then throw in recent legislation—in the form of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act—that had many facilities scrambling to come up with the extra dollars to replace equipment in order to comply. Now add in a public whose dollars are already stretched and are spending less money, but looking for more entertainment and recreation options closer to home.

What you have here, my friends, is a recipe for a wicked brew of fewer dollars and more usage at aquatic facilities across the country.

Are you keeping your head above water?

If you're looking for a little help and advice, we've got your water wings right here. This is our annual Guide to Aquatic Facilities, and inside these pages you'll find stories offering tips for lowering your operating costs, improving your programming and ensuring your facility is as clean and safe as possible for your swimmers.

Whether you're just treading water or you're out there swimming your heart out in the race to be one of the best, we hope you find something that will help you master your technique on these pages—something that will help you keep your facility afloat in these tough times.

Here's to a year that, though tough, may bring better, smarter practices to facilities across the board!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director
Recreation Management