Editor's Desk - August 2011
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Get Things Done

Welcome to our Annual Problem Solver Guide Book. In these pages you'll find detailed explanations of how things work, how to make things work better and how to get things done at your facility.

It's easy to get lost in the day-to-day minutiae of running a recreation, sports or fitness facility. From keeping the pool clean to making sure you're choosing the right elements when you outfit your park, from selecting a new gymnasium floor to keeping things clean and organized, there are a million minor—and major—tasks demanding your attention on a daily basis.

In these pages, we aim to break some of those tasks down, bringing them down to a manageable size by asking the questions you need answered: How do I make sure my pool is ADA-compliant? How can I be sure my park restrooms will make it through a severe weather event? What can I do to make my playground unique? How can I be sure I'm offering my guests the comfort, safety, amenities and fun they're looking for?

In addition to individual, focused stories on a wide range of topics, we also offer a closer look at disaster planning—and disaster recovery—for parks, camps and other types of facilities.

We hope you'll find something in these pages that will help get things done at your own facility.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director


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