Editor's Desk - September 2011
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Happy New (School) Year!

Looking out from the fourth-floor window up here in Recreation Management-ville, I can see a handful of leaves on the trees in the parking lot turning from green to a golden orange. It strikes me, at the moment, that they are exactly the same color as the school bus that was driving in front of me this morning, perhaps on a test-run of the route it will officially start taking tomorrow.

Of course, many readers have been gearing up for this time of year for many weeks, if not months. If you work for a school or school district, you might have had ongoing activities with students over the summer, from football camp and band camp to summer day camp activities. You may have been involved in maintenance of various parts of the school grounds, from the ballfield to the playground.

But, even with all the work that goes on over the summer months, there's just something about the first official school bell of the year.

If you're working for a park district, a fitness club, an aquatic center, or some other facility, I'd wager the start of the school year brings changes for you, as well, whether it's the winding down of summertime busy-ness, the gearing up for fall programming or the many maintenance tasks that go hand-in-hand with the changing of the seasons.

Perhaps you're adding a new slate of group fitness classes to your roster. Maybe you're getting ready to do all the end-of-season maintenance required for your swimming pool. Or maybe your pool is indoors, and the change of season just means slight alterations in maintenance requirements.

I've always thought our New Year's resolutions are misplaced in January. It's hard to gear up to tackle new endeavors, to meet new goals, when the mercury is hanging out around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. When it's that cold, it's easier to just crawl back into the hibernation cave with a good book.

At the start of the school year, on the other hand, the weather is cooling down—or starting to—and years of conditioning have left an impression. It just feels like the time to gear up for something new.

And the autumn offers plenty of opportunities to learn new things. If you're able to travel, you likely know that the World Waterpark Symposium & Trade Show, the NRPA Congress & Exposition, the World Aquatic Health Conference, and plenty of others are coming up. These events always offer outstanding opportunities to learn something new, to refresh old ties and to find out about the larger trends driving our industry. And if you're stuck back in the office, we'll bring a little bit of the education and learning you'd get on the road straight to your desk, with every issue we publish.

So tell me, do you have big things planned for the fall? An autumn festival? A winning football season? New classes? Or just more of the same? What kinds of maintenance problems do you see come up as the weather cools? Write to us at editor@recmanagement.com and let us know if you, too, set new goals in the fall.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management



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