Editor's Desk - April 2012
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Set Your Sights on Your Site

How are your parks and sites looking these days?

For many, spring sprung a bit early, and now that winter's growl is receding (and this year, let's face it, winter never even made it to a full-fledged bark, never mind its bite), you've likely stepped up your grounds maintenance, and you might have your eye on some improvements. Maybe you've even got a new park or playground in the works.

When developing new sites, or improving existing ones, you want to know all the latest trends, and you also need to remember that ongoing maintenance must be part of the plan. You likely have many issues to focus on, from accessibility and sustainability to budgetary issues, concerns about usage and more.

To help you as you improve your parks and design and outfit new sites, we've developed this guide. Inside you'll find stories covering the latest trends in landscape design and playground equipment, as well as a quick look at site furnishing selection.

Whether you've got all the budget you need or you're struggling to get things done; whether you want to improve accessibility or you are focused on greening up your site practices, you'll find something in these pages that will help you beautify your playground and park spaces

Happy Spring!

Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management