Editor's Desk - September 2012
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Off the Ground

Well-planned and -constructed sports, recreation and fitness facilities are comprised of myriad elements that all come together to create a space where people thrive on play and competition. One essential piece of the puzzle—the surfaces patrons walk and play on—is easily forgotten in the mix. But, whether you're planning a playground or a soccer field, a basketball court or a weight room, it is perilous not to give the selection of your surface the attention it deserves.

At the same time, surfaces of all kinds are constantly evolving. There are new innovations, and the technology is refined on a continual basis. Knowing what your options are is essential, but a constant updating of that knowledge is just as crucial.

This is why we regularly revisit these topics. In these pages, you'll find our annual look beneath the surface at surfaces. Here we aim to update you on new trends and tried-and-true practices to help you be sure you can get your facility off the ground in the best way possible.

We begin with a look at how various facilities selected surfaces for their indoor sports courts, from synthetic to hardwood, and from temporary to permanent. From there, we move on to a consideration of the different varieties of playground surfacing available to the market. From lower-cost loose fill options to lower-maintenance unitary surfaces, there are many choices to be made. Finally, we offer a consideration of some of the best practices in selecting and maintaining synthetic and natural turf fields.

Whatever your facility type, you should be able to find advice within these pages that will help you make the right product and service choices.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management